Variation; changing; making different. A change of a thing from one form or state to another; making a thing different from what it was without destroying its identity.
See alter.
An act done upon an instrument by which its meaning or language is changed. Language different in legal effect, or change in rights, interests, or obligations of parties. It introduces some change into instrument's terms, meaning, language, or details.
The term is not properly applied to any change which involves the substitution of a practically new document. An alteration is said to be material when it affects, or may possibly affect, the rights of the persons interested in the document. U.C.C. No. 3-407.
- material alteration
@ alteration of contract
A change in the provisions of a contract. If alteration is material, it extinguishes the right of the party who alters it and discharges the other party. The test of whether it is material is whether the rights of the obligee would be varied as to the party making the alteration or to a third party. Restatement of Contracts, No. 434
@ alteration of trust
An act by settlor of trust changing the terms of the trust, generally pursuant to a power to alter and amend within the original trust instrument

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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